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Four Weddings And A Funeral Torrent Free Download




The film stars Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet, Michael Caine, Toni Collette, Jeff Goldblum, and Cameron Diaz as the main characters. In the film, four friends meet at a party, and before the night is over, they have all agreed to get married, and the partners have to live with each other for a month. Winslet, Goldblum, and Grant all received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor for their performances in the film. Caine won the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor. Plot On a rainy night in May, four friends attend a lavish party hosted by Simon Fellows (Hugh Grant). Simon is a film director, who has been hired to shoot a film starring Kate Winslet, whom he has met at the party. He has been going out with Allison Fellows (Cameron Diaz), the producer's younger sister, whom he met at the party. While there, they met Simon's friends John (Jeff Goldblum) and Nicholas (Michael Caine). John was once Simon's best friend and the two met at Oxford University. Nicholas is a lawyer, who is married to Tiffany (Toni Collette). He and Tiffany were childhood sweethearts who were deeply in love with each other until Nicholas became a lawyer. Although she was able to survive the loneliness of their separation, Nicholas was unable to. He began to find happiness elsewhere, but when he told her this, she broke up with him. A month later, he had a son, Zachary, who was very similar to him. To compensate for his feelings of loss, he became consumed by work. Later on, after a series of unfortunate events, he met and fell in love with the beautiful and self-confident Allison. Simon informs his four friends that he has been hired to direct a film about London's infamous High Court judge, Lord Chief Justice Hardcastle. Each of the friends has an important role in the film and have agreed to be his stars in the film. A hilarious but awkward scene takes place when Simon has to audition all of them for the role of Allison Fellows. The friends all try to out-act each other, and they succeed in making the audition not only fun, but also a competition among friends. As the night goes on, they become friends again, but they still have to live together as roommates in a house owned by Tiffany. Simon and Allison soon discover that they cannot get along as roommates, and both



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Four Weddings And A Funeral Torrent Free Download

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